Partnering With Guilford

We are friends of plumbers, contractors, builders and other industry professionals.

The Guilford Plumbing Supply warehouseGuilford Plumbing Supply, Inc. has worked with local plumbing professionals since 1984, and we appreciate the trust they continue have in us. As a family-owned wholesale plumbing business in North Carolina, we continue to support the communities that have kept us in business all these years.

If you are a plumber, contractor, or builder in NC, Guilford Plumbing Supply can help you get the plumbing project done!

With warehouses and showrooms in Greensboro and Raleigh, we would love to accommodate both you and your customers’ needs. We want you to feel confident when your customers (the homeowners) visit the Guilford Plumbing Supply showrooms and work with our consultants.

Guilford Plumbing Supply counter sales

For information about the supplies we carry in our warehouses, please contact our experienced staff.

Thank you for choosing us!

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